Is Bigfoot real? Evidence that proves Bigfoot is alive and living in a forest near you

Is Bigfoot real? that’s a question most of us have probably typed into Google at some point in time. Even though there are many Bigfoot sightings claimed by hundreds of people every year, frustratingly we’re still not any closer to a confirming its existence.

The Sasquatch, otherwise known as Bigfoot, is a mystery that spans back hundreds if not thousands of years. There are many stories of humans encountering the so called Bigfoot all throughout history and folklore. If you dig a little deeper on the subject you’ll find all kinds of stories of these mystical creatures. Native Americans told stories of giant hairy ape like creatures who lived in the woods and snatched their young beautiful women from right from under their noses. There's even a few accounts of explorers landing in the Americas and having to fight off the ugly native hairy giants.

With all these Bigfoot sightings and encounters that have been reported over the years, you have to ask if any of them are actually true? At least one must be true right?

One thing that everyone can agree on is that if Bigfoot is real, it’s around 8-10 feet tall, weighs somewhere around 600lbs, stinks of rotten fish, and has a very hairy ape like body. It’s also well known among Bigfoot enthusiasts that they like to throw rocks at humans, bang on trees with sticks to communicate with each other, and growl so fiercely that it will literally make you shit your pants.

So far no one has been able to find or provide any real evidence that the creature exists at all. There are no Sasquatch bodies or bones that have been found, and absolutely no close up convincing video footage of the creature. The only thing that most of us have seen that may suggest the creature exists are those huge muddy footprints left in the middle of nowhere which can easily be hoaxed.

Some believe Bigfoot is a spirit like creature that has the ability to vanish when it pleases, which to be fair could explain the lack of physical evidence. Some people even report seeing Bigfoot's come out of flying saucers believing them to be extraterrestrials hiding in our forests. It all sounds a bit far fetched and way out there, but surely if so many people claim they've seen the creature there must be something in it? Here's some of the best evidence we can find that may prove Bigfoot is real.

1. Paul Freeman's Bigfoot Footage

What makes this footage interesting is that before his death, Paul Freeman never tried to exploit this video or make money from it. He actually spent $50,000 of his own money researching Bigfoot for himself and only ever gave two interviews regarding this footage. For this reason alone many feel it's highly unlikely a hoax, most hoaxers would normally try and cash in on it.

2. Sarasota Sasquatch

In 2000, a Sarasota woman took photos of what she first thought was an orangutan. When she had the photos developed she was shocked at what she saw before her eyes. She named it the Skunk Ape because it left behind a very strong smell, people now think she had actually captured a real Bigfoot.

Is Bigfoot Real? Here Are The Most Convincing Pieces Of Sasquatch Evidence

3. Allegheny Trail Camera

A man who set up a trail camera in the forest so he could hunt for deer was shocked to find what looks like an ape on two of the pictures that were taken. At first the trail camera catches a bear sniffing the bait left on the ground for the deer, but after the bear leaves a strange ape like creature was also captured. The creature can be seen strangely bending over sniffing the same bait, the arms are too long for it to be a bear and the picture has baffled many experts.

Is Bigfoot Real? Here Are The Most Convincing Pieces Of Sasquatch Evidence

4. Bigfoot Is Killed In The 1800's

Not much to go on as far as this photo is concerned because there's almost no information on it at all. However many enthusiasts are convinced it's the real deal due to its age. The photo is said to be leaked by the Texas Wildlife Department and dated from the late 1800′s. You may think it's a gorilla that's been killed and hung upside down by the hunter, but gorillas have never roamed the United States and the creature's limbs are much longer.

Is Bigfoot Real? Here Are The Most Convincing Pieces Of Sasquatch Evidence

5. Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Footage

In 1967 Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin possibly filmed a female Bigfoot while on horseback riding along Bluff Creek in California. As they came across a huge uprooted tree they spotted a hairy ape like creature walking away in the distance, Patterson unmounted from his horse and ran towards the creature so he could start filming what many believe to be an actual real Sasquatch. The footage has mixed reviews with many people convinced it’s simply a man in an ape suit. But there are also many who believe this footage to be the real deal and studies of the video have concluded the creature is likely not human. For starters the creature has breasts indicating she's a female, and closer inspection of the footage reveals she has a hernia on her right thigh muscle. You can also clearly see her muscles rippling and moving under the skin as she walks away. People have argued that making a suit like this would be impossible back in 1967. Even by today’s standards in modern special effects and techniques, it would be incredibly difficult to replicate the same suit and effect. Another good point believers in the video make is that a hoaxer would most likely not think to add breasts and a muscle hernia to a Bigfoot suit ...